Intended to atend the national market with its own headquarters in Brazil, Saturno Infláveis has been working with excellence, quality and transparency in the visual communication market since 1995, offering a substantial variety inflatable products with great visualization and results.   A pioneer in this industry in the country , Saturno works with high resolution printed materials , creatively and efficiently disseminating products and brands to leave out of the commonplace of pre-established traditional media. The catalog provides a wide range of possibilities, from balloons and rooftops to realistic replicas of products and mascots, always providing all the support accessible to their consumers, ensuring that they deliver with all the quality everything   that their imagination can generate . Saturn's product portfolio has inflatables capable of generating any level of disclosure. Some of the moreconventional products, like rooftops and blimps demonstrate the company's the reassurance of demarcating its presence in various environments, while the many faithful replicas of products and mascots ensure effect on any launch or demonstration. Furthermore, it offers promotional inflatable signage like totems, portals